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Big E Foundation Testimonials
"Helping Ian's Dream Come True"

Dear Joel Jenkins & Big E Foundation,

Thank you for sponsoring me for the 2012-2013 season. I am appreciative of your sponsorship; it has allowed me to have the privilege to play a high caliber of hockey, a game that I know to love, in spite of my family's financial issues, in addition to the high costs of the sport.

Ian and the Foundation have truly inspired me on a daily basis. Ever since his passing, he has opened the eyes of myself and others of the hockey community not only in the game, but as people. It is evident that having a purpose in the choices one makes and the way we go through life can really affect us in a variety of ways. It shows that getting the things we want in life takes sacrifices, and our choices in the making must reflect the outcomes we long for. The saying "Have a Purpose" also has taught me that any game, at any given time could be my last, and any stride could be the end of my playing career and that I must enjoy the sport as much as possible and not only live for myself but for the well being of others in the community. I am grateful that your scholarship has given me the opportunity to stay within the caring hockey community and to play the greatest sport on this earth.

Dear Joel Jenkins & Big E Foundation,

The Walmart Foundation and Facility # 6667 are pleased to inform you that your organization has been selected to receive a grant through the Local Community Contribution/Hunger Outreach Grant Program in the amount of $1,000.00.  We believe that your organization is doing important work to the communities you serve, and we are proud that we are able to support you in your efforts.

Thank you for the work your organization does to create opportunities so people can live better.


The Walmart Foundation

The Big E Foundation has helped my family with my son's hockey bill and  I am grateful for every penny the foundation has given to promote his dreams and his future. I truly believe his involvement with hockey has given him tools he will be able to use to propel himself into a successful career-whatever that may be, have strong relationships, and most importantly have the strength of character it takes to be a valuable and productive part of society and our community. Because of my gratefulness, I believe in the Big "E" Foundation. I believe in charities. I believe in generosity. I believe in the goodness and kindness of the human spirit when compassion and humility are present. 
- Heather

"In economic times like what we have faced for the past few years, it is a blessing to have a foundation so willing to help kids achieve their dreams. The Big E Foundation truly does Have A Purpose."
- Angie

Over the past year I have spent time with the Jenkins family and I have learned that Ian and I have the same goal. This type of goal requires a great deal of commitment and hard work. What I have learned from the Big "E" Foundation is that if I am going to reach this goal I need to "Have A Purpose." I know that these are Ian's words but they motivate me every day on the ice, in the gym amd classroom. I want to thank the Big "E" Foundation for their support to help me reach my goal. It is my honor to represent the Big "E" Foundation and spread Ian's message.
 - Zach Werenski

Over the past two years The Big E Foundation has offered young goaltenders scholarships to attend Bandits Goalie School. These young goalies not only have drive and passion for the game, but also excellent academic scores. This is just one of  the many incredible gestures that the Foundation has provided, and the difference it makes in these young kids lives is astonishing! I thank the Foundation personally for doing such an amazing thing for these kids as I can see the excitement in there faces and the hard work they put into the camp while they attend.  
- Stan Matwijiw, Bandits/EPT/MM Owner

The Jenkins family has been an inspiration from the the early days of Canton Crush to our family accepting a book scholarship from the Big E Foundation this year.  We all have benefited from the Jenkins family touching our lives in many ways and the latest gesture from the Big E Foundation has again proven the continued inspiration glaring upon us through their soul and spirit.  Please know that we are here for the Jenkins family and our gratitude, prayers and love is never ending. 
- God bless you all from the Williams Family

I am so grateful to the Big E Foundation for the kind & generous grant which enabled me to purchase a "much needed" goalie glove. For a birthday gift I was given a Big E Foundation t-shirt. Before each game I read some of the words on the t-shirt and it provides great inspiration for me to do my best. The Big E Foundation inspires a goalie like myself to be devoted and to "Have a Purpose" during each game!
- Eric Vogel

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